Friday, August 12, 2011

My Baby Experts

There is this GREAT baby boutique about 25 minutes away from us. It's the place where I bought my awesome twin nursing pillow. I've also bought cloth diapers, cloth wipes, other cloth diaper supplies, nursing bras, and some just fun little items.

The Birth Boutique has everything you could possibly imagine. It has items for mom and for baby. There is baby gear, baby clothes, maternity clothes, nursing clothes, the best (in my opinion) nursing bra fittings, cloth diapers, and so so much more.

The owner, Shari Criso is an award-winning author of the "Simply Breastfeeding: The Criso Method" DVD program. She even has a live tv show for new parents called "My Baby Experts". During her show she has these awesome give aways. Well on her last show she announced that they just kicked off a really exciting and fun fan contest for the month of August. A fans chance to win an iPad2 or $500 cash!

How cool would that be! I would love to win an iPad2! I can just imagine all the fun the babes and I would have with that. If I could even handle letting them handle it. haha I would love to put little kid music videos on their. The babes LOVE music. They love when I turn the radio on my phone. If M finds my phone he picks it up brings it to me and say usi (music). Can you imagine how much they would love the iPad2!

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