Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back Home

So this weekend we moved back into our house. We have been living in my moms house and have had our house on the market. It was just easier to have our house 'staged' and it was easier for grandma to have the boys at her house during the school year since she was watching them so we moved out of our house and into hers. Now that the school year is over and basically our house isn't showing much we decided that we wanted to move back in. Well that along with other reasons.

The boys have been having a blast getting reacquainted with the house. We are currently in the process of moving them out of their old nursery and into the guest bedroom. Right now the guest bedroom has their cribs in it and bags and boxes of clothes and other junk. The little nursery has all of my school tubs in it. We need to rearrange the attic and minimize all of ourSTUFF.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of the boys getting to know their home again.
M telling you how much his Mama loves him. Up to sky!
G playing with his house.

The boys kept going in and out under the table. They liked that they could walk under there. They still made their squish face getting ready to bunk their head. They never did.
The babes hanging over the baby/dog gate checking in on the pups.
G stuck under the dinning room table.
G really starting to not like being stuck.
G deciding it's not so bad being stuck. He found a cheerio from breakfast. YUM!M playing with his ball.
The boys kept trying to walk in between the chair and the couch. Each time they got stuck.

M trying to get out from in between the chair and couch too. M in awe of the table lamp.
G throwing his ball.

M stopping to smile, telling Mommy he loves that he can run through out the dinning room and living room.
M deciding he's getting tired.
M ready for his nap!

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