Saturday, August 6, 2011

7 Years

Jon and I went on our 7 year wedding anniversary date today.

Before we left I had to get everything ready for the boys since they were going to be with a baby sitter all day. I woke up this morning and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While the boys sat in their highchairs and made a mess eating breakfast (mama's homemade biscotti some grapes and a yogurt) all on their own I made grilled cheese, noodles, and pork chops. I even cut cherry tomatoes and grapes in half. While we worked in the kitchen daddy went outside to mow the lawn. When the boys were all done eating we climbed on the couch to look out the window and watch hubs mow the lawn. After he was done with the front yard I got the boys cute little stools and put them under the back windows so the babes could watch him mow the back. While they watched I stuffed diapers. Once hubs was done he quickly took a shower and then played with the babes for a few minutes. The boys were ready for a nap but wanted to get some fun time in with dada. Once they got their fun in they went down for a nap.

Once the boys went down for their nap hubs and I quickly cleaned the kitchen and the 'mess' I made from cooking three meals at once. Once we were done cleaning up we decided that we were hungry and ate pork chops at 10:00 in the morning. Too funny.

Once the sitter got here I went through what hubs called my novel of what to do. Then we hopped in the car and left.

I took some pictures as we were driving into the city. It was a hazy muggy day but still pretty.

A picture of the Majestic Theater.
Hubs got really really great seats. He tells me I'm a Broadway snob. I LOVE sitting real close. Close enough so that I can see the actors sweat and spit. So hubs kept asking me if the seats were good enough for my standards. I told him they were perfect... but would be even better if they were about 5 rows closer to the stage and 10 seats closer to the center. Yes I honestly said that :( I know... so ungrateful. I did say it with a big smile and even a kiss. Half way through the show I saw the Phantom spit and spit and spit through one of his songs. You can't imagine how perfect that was!

Me and hubs after the show.

THANK YOU JON for taking me!

When we pulled up the driveway I told hubs that I wanted to get pictures of the babes reaction when we walked in the door.

The first babe that walked to the stairs was Micaiah.

When we said HI he put his phone up to his ear and said HI back.

Then put his phone down and continued to say HI, hi , HI. Gunnar finally came over with his huge smile.

The boys had a blast with their sitter. I am so thankful that when we got home they were so happy. After I had the sitter tell me EVERYTHING they did I finally let her go home :)

Once she left dada and I changed the babes diapers gave them HUGE kisses and put them to bed.

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