Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Cookies

When I make hubs cookies I always try to make the babes cookies. I don't really care for them to have the not so good for you cookies that we eat.

These baby cookies are made out of the iron fortified baby cereal that babes are suppose to eat. A lot of babes give up eating that cereal (so I've been told) when they start eating big people food and Mama's want to continue to get it in their babes some how and Mama's have boxes left over and don't know what to do with it...and this is how some do it. My babes DON'T have a problem eating the baby cereal. Actually they have a HUGE warm bowl every morning with cinnamon and raisins. Or I make it cold with cut up bananas. They LOVE their morning cereal.

Or if you have a sweet little girl you can make her precious little heart shaped cookies and serve one on a gorgeous pink plate.
But in my case, I make big 'ol dino cookies so I can hear the babes roar as they eat them.

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