Monday, August 1, 2011

3 in 1

Last week I made another cake. This was a 3 in 1 cake. My client wanted three 10x13 sheet cakes decorated as one. After drawing it out and thinking about it I had to contact her and find out how large her refrigerator was. She wanted a custard and fresh strawberry filling. I couldn't do this filling if the cake was going to be sitting out on the counter for a day. The cake HAD to go in the fridge. After talking to her again I found out that the cake would not fit in her fridge. So I down sized just a little.

I made two 12x12 cakes and put them next to each other. I filled the cake with vanilla custard and fresh strawberries.

I iced the cake and piped a border to make it look like 3 different sections. Making each section 8inches wide.

I made a bunch of different fondant decorations for the 3 different occasions. One section of the cake was for a 45th birthday. Another section was for a high school graduation and the third was for a 40th wedding anniversary.

I made a few different hat pieces. I wanted to be able to have a few to pick from once they were put together and dried.

I made the flowers out of buttercream. This was the first time that I piped roses. I had so much fun. I made about 40 of them and only used these 5.

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