Thursday, August 11, 2011

17 Months

WOW! My babes are 17 months old today. I just can't believe that they are getting so big so FAST!

The boys know SO many words now!
Dada Dadee
Maa (Matt)
Cha (Charlie - Grandma's dog)
Sota (Soua)
Jersey (Jesey)
Mil (milk)
Wa (Water)
NONONO (in the cutest voices! with the biggest kissable lips)
Chers (Cheerios)
Buna (Banana)
Ish (Fish) (Goldfish crackers)
Nigh nigh (Night Night)
Muus (Music)
Peas (Please)
Ett (Eat)
Ead (Read)
Book (not said perfect)
Buoon (Balloon)
Plane (not said perfect - just not sure how to spell it the way they say it)
Amen (said perfectly in a baby way. the sweetest word you will ever hear from a babe)
Jesus (there is a picture with Jesus and the children at His feet-the boys point to it and say sus)

I'm sure there are more words that I've overlooked.

They will count to 10 - of course they repeat after me - so I know they can't actually do it but it's fun to hear them say their numbers.

They know a bunch of different animals and their sounds.
Dog - woof woof (they will even howl a bit if the dogs do)
Sheep - baa (G does the baa with a gruff in his throat. It's too cute!)
Cow - moo (this animal and sound has to be prompted still)
Duck - quack quack
Pig - oink (they don't say pig but they know the sound it makes - they don't actually say oink, they pull the sound out like a grown up would do. Hubs always does it with the real sound and not the word so that's how the babes do it)
Horse - neigh (this animal and sound has to be prompted also. This is another sound that they do and not say)
Parrot - squak (they don't say the animal name - they call this animal a bird- sometimes they will tweet sometimes they will squak)
Monkey - (they don't say monkey, but tickle their armpits and say the sound)
Tiger - (they don't say tiger, but growl)

Again I probably overlooked some animals and their sounds.

The boys are master walkers! They do still trip and fall, but that's normally only if they are super tired.

They run so fast. They love to be chased. When they are chased they squeal.

They give super big kisses before bed.

They will sometimes fold their hands when we pray.

They will put their finger in front of their mouth and say shhh. They do this when one of them is not sleeping and I go into the bedroom to get him. I go in with my finger in front of my lips saying shhhh. They giggle and say shhh back.

I'm sure there are so many more things I could tell you about the babes but I'm not sure what else to write. If you have any questions about them or what they are doing ask away :)

Here are some pictures that I took this evening with my new lens. I just threw it on my camera and started click. I haven't really looked into it yet or figured it out. I know the pictures aren't that great but I thought I would share some 17 month photos any way.

Mama and G
Dada and M
Dada and G
G (If you notice G's forehead you will see 2 bite marks. When the babes are in their cribs 'taking' their naps the bite each other. M has had a huge fascination in biting G's head lately. I am actually happy that they are biting each others heads rather then their fingers or arms any more. The can't clamp down nearly as hard on the forehead as they could when they bit those other places.


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  1. I love how you shared all the words they know! I feel less out of the loop. Keep it up!- Love, Shannon