Saturday, August 20, 2011

New hats!

Would this not be a great advertisement for this hat?!? How cute!

We LOVE these hats! They are so perfect for everyday wear. The boys even ask to wear them in the house. When they do decide to take them off I can fold the bill in half and stick it in my back pocket, or throw it in the diaper bag without worrying that I am going to ruin the shape of the hat.

I found these hats on accident. I wanted to buy a cute ball cap type hat for the boys for WHENEVER they are outside. We gotta keep their bald little heads free from sunburn! I was looking online to find hats. I went to Baby Gap, Carters, all different online shops. Then I did a google search and came up with these. I thought how PERFECT! They even have sun protection. How could I go wrong. Not just that but they were less expensive then any other ones I found that didn't have the protection quality.

They have this particular hat in men's and women's size too. I think I might have to get us all matching ones. hehe

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  1. I was just going to comment on your most recent post about how much i love those hats!