Friday, December 2, 2011

18 weeks

As of Wednesday I am 18 weeks pregnant. I can't believe that I am almost half way there. So often I don't even remember that I'm pregnant. Chasing two 20 month olds keeps me pretty busy. :)

The next picture is a picture of my in the same shirt at 18 weeks pregnant with the boys. In my opinion I think I am only half that size this time around. I know I only have half the amount of babies in my belly this time, but it cracks me up at how differently I am growing. Different parts aren't growing this time, and other parts are growing that didn't grow last time. Oh the joys of pregnancy :)

Here it is one more time... close up... 18 weeks preggo.


  1. Oh my word, woman! I wish I looked that great at 18 weeks :) And I only had one baby each time. Boy or girl, know yet?

  2. You look fabulous! It must be so weird having just one moving around in your belly now!