Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches...

The boys and Hubs began wandering the fields searching for the perfect tree.

M fell and decided that it was impossible to get up.

Impossible without Daddy's help that is.

Sorry Dad, can you pull a little more, my feet bottoms haven't touched the ground yet.

Thanks Dad :)
Now where'd G go?

Op, there he is, HEY G wait up!

Perfect, I can catch up now that he fell too.

The boys looked all over the field for a tree.... or were they just in their glory that they were allowed to wander around with out holding someones hand... hmmm...

They fell a bunch of times. (It was way past nap time so they had a hard time just standing on their own two feet, let alone walk up and down hills). One of the times they fell M landed in a 'stream'. It really wasn't a stream, it was more like long tire tracks filled with water.

Daddy used the 'snot rag' to clean off the mud that was all over M's hand, arm, and leg.

Don't worry though, the fall into the water didn't slow him down any. He was trying to pull away from Hubs the whole time he was trying to clean him up just so he could keep walking.

I really wanted a picture of the boys in their new outfits next to a tree. While they were wandering they walked past the most adorable tree. Hubs and I tried to get them to sit next to it. They were really in the photo taking mood don't you think. :)

While I was trying to make sure the boys didn't completely run away, Hubs cut down our cute little tree.

After the tree was cut one of the guys came and threw it in the back of his tractor type thing. We scooped up the boys and then headed back up the hill so that we could go home, eat lunch, and take a nap.

*I'm sure you noticed that there are NO pictures of G. :( So sad! He was go go going. He wouldn't even look at me. It's hard to take a picture of one kid when the other is running in the opposite direction. Especially when you are trying to look for the perfect Christmas tree. :)


  1. They are so adorable. I love their outfits and those hats are adorable - did you make them??

  2. Thank you :) Aren't those hats awesome. No I didn't make them. A girlfriend of mine made them for the boys before they were born. They have been wearing them since they were newborns. They fit perfectly (well they were a tad big) then and they still fit now. I'm sure they wouldn't fit a newborn now that the boys heads have stretched them to grow with them, but when they were newborns we just had the hat folded over.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics! So fun to see the personalities of the boys through your pictures and comments.(Dad is wondering where you got your vest Jon.)
    Grandma R