Friday, December 16, 2011

20 Weeks

I can't believe I am half way through this pregnancy.

I had my last ultra sound today. After we were all done, the tech said that they didn't need to see me again unless my doctor requested it. It is so weird that I have only gotten to see a sneak peak of this munchkin twice! I got to see M & G in the womb almost every other week. They were considered high risk. At first they were considered (super duper) high risk because the doctors thought they were in one sac, which is very dangerous. When we finally saw the separation between them (just a hair line between the babies) during the 2nd trimester then we dropped down to just medium high risk haha. I only had one placenta so I had to be checked often to make sure that neither of the boys were hogging all of the nutrients :) No one ever did. ANYWAY!! Let's get back to this precious munchkin.

Babe is weighing 11 oz and is perfect. My due date is still right on track, May 2nd. (I just looked back at M & Gs 20 week ultrasound and they were measuring 13oz and 14oz. That is just crazy to me! I had TWO babies in my belly measuring more than this one at this time.. WOW).

I swear I have a picture just like this one of M. This babe looks just like his/her big brothers. This babes chin is a little thinner, but if I remember correctly (I would have to double check their pictures) their chins were just as thin in the womb.

I can't wait until I compare this babes ultra sound pictures to M & G's. I think that will be fun.

Here is a picture of Mama at 20 weeks.

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  1. From your most recent post, it looks like M and G are going to have lots of love and hugs and kisses for their new sister/brother!