Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Boy Beds

The beds are finally done!

Hubs did a great job with them. They were super easy too. A lot of screwing which took some time but very simple cuts and very simple to assemble.

By no means is their Big Boy room done. Right now it's just big boy beds. Part of me thinks I am not going to spend any time making this room a big boy room. We are kinda just living day by day. An offer has been put on our house... but we have to see if the bank will accept it (seeing as we bought in the peak of the market).

I have this awesome tractor fabric that I am going to make bed sheets out of. (I just need to get the boys old room cleared out so that I can work in there).

I also want to paint a tractor (streamline) on the wall above their beds.

I want to get rid of the changing table. The boys haven't been able to fit on that in MONTHS... that and I can't lift them that high to lay them down (well I can, but it's awkward) so we've been changing on the floor for a long time. I only have the changing table in there to house their diapers. As you can see there aren't any diapers on there. The are nice and clean in the dryer calling my name to stuff them.

There room is so cold so I have the electric fireplace in there. When they were in their cribs I turned it on when I put them to bed and then turned it off before I went to bed (that thing kicks out major heat). Now that they are in their big boy beds I will only turn it on in the morning just to get the frozen chill out of there.

They don't have many toys in their room. Just a big bucket of stuffies (that normally aren't touched... just randomly thrown around the room), a small bucket of balls, a few books, and a barn (sadly with no more animals... Hubs mutt ate them).

This is M's bed. He has his music monkey (sadly his prayer bear was left in the car.. of course he asked me to go get him once we got into bed). He also has lamby. He doesn't actually care if he has lamby or not... but I keep him in his bed. And of course he has his loveys. He LOVES his loveys!

Here is G's bed. Again you will see the loveys, music monkey (and instead of a prayer bear) he has prayer boy. AND of course Woof Woof. He has become slightly attached to Woof Woof.

Here are some pictures of the boys checking out their beds for the first time.
Mommy and G just finishing up brushing teeth.
M brushing his teeth while trying to lay on his bed... not a good idea.
Mommy and M finishing brushing his teeth.
They boys decided that they would like to trade beds (or at least try out brothers).

Hmmm which do they like better.


They did switch back.

I will post at another time how the first night in their beds went... but now that they are finally napping I am going to go rest for a minute... or maybe stuff the diapers I mentioned earlier.

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  1. They came out great!!! I want to do it even more now!