Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Adventures

I was going to take pictures but I figured that would be crass. Or probably just plain old GROSS!!

You might not even want to read this post... but I'm going to post it anyway...


This was his fourth time sitting on the potty and his first time going.

I bought two potty chairs way back in July. The boys were only 16 months old then. I knew that I wasn't really going to be using them for a while but they had recently started grabbing at their front or back side when they were wet or stinky. So I decided to get the chairs so we had them when we were ready.

I put one chair in the downstairs bathroom and one in the upstairs. We had tried the downstairs potty once a long time ago, probably the day after we got it. That was a crazy experience. G unrolled the toilet paper while M sat on the potty. M took all the stuff out from under the sink while G sat on the potty. After that experience I decided I was NOT going to do that again (at least not by myself) for a long time.

We have put them on the potty upstairs before and after some baths, but we haven't done much with the potty.

For the last month or so they have told me when they have pee-ew stink. When they tell me pee-ew stink they either have a super soaked diaper or a stinky one. I decided that we HAVE to start using the potty. They are realizing what's going on down there.

I talked to Hubs and told him how I just can't use the potty in the bathroom. It just isn't going to work for me. I won't actually use it. It's a nightmare to have them both any my growing belly in the same little room.

Last night M said "pee-ew stink". I asked him if he went pee-ew stink. He said no. I asked him if he had to go pee-ew stink he said yes. So Hubs went into the bathroom and grabbed the potty seat. We asked M if he wanted to try pee-ew stink. He said yes. I took off his pants and diaper and he sat on the 'pee-ew stink'. We TOTALLY thought he was going to go. He had his stink face on. Nothing. That was totally fine. It was just exciting that he asked to try. So of course once M was done G said, "try pee-ew stink". So we put G on also. Again nothing. Again fine.

This morning G asked to try pee-ew stink. I took off his pants and diaper and tried to sit him on the potty. He said no. He changed his mind so I told him ok. I wasn't going to force it. I honestly don't feel like I need to force potty training. It will happen when it happens. The fact that they are asking and are aware is just so neat.

Anyway. I was just upstairs getting them ready for a nap. I changed G and got him all ready. When it was M's turn I started to take off his diaper and he did a 'toot-toot'... that's what we call it anyway.. when they have real loud ones they yell 'toot-toot' and giggle. So I asked him if he had to go pee-ew stink. He said try. So we went over to the potty and I sat him down.

Again I really thought he was going to do it. He had his stink face on and he kept saying pee-ew stink. All of a sudden I heard his pee hit the side of the potty. He looked up at me in amazement because he heard it too, I looked at him in amazement because I thought it was just so neat. I told him wow you went pee pee in the potty. Good job.

When he said all done I picked him off of the potty and showed him what he did. He looked at his pee like it was the strangest thing. Too cute!

I guess I need to keep putting them on the potty every once in a while :) I don't know if I'm ready for this new adventure!


  1. whoops, i took pictures!!! lol. gross, i guess. but soooooo exciting!!!

  2. Honestly I would have if I had enough hands :) They started playing with the toilet that morning (it was the first time we left it in their room). M climbed out of his crib and was lifting the lid up and down. When I let G out of his crib he started putting toys into the potty. I would have loved to run downstairs to get my camera but I could only imagine what would have happened if I left the room. haha :) Next time Hubs is home and they sit on the potty I'm sure I will be camera ready :)