Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Times

First night in big boy beds was tiring. The boys (G) did not want to stay in bed. If M was in the room by himself I think he might have stayed in bed the first time and gone straight to sleep. Maybe not, but it looked like it.

Honestly it was only 2 nights ago and I really don't remember it. I was so tired. The boys officially fell asleep at 11:25. Hubs and myself had to keep going back in to put them back into bed.

They did wake up a couple of times through out the night. I think G fell out a few times. Every time I heard a cry or sound for that matter I switched the video on the monitor. I would start to get up to go in there and put G back into his bed but he stopped crying right away and put himself back in. I never did go in through the night, but I definitely did not sleep very much at all.

There was one time that G climbed into M's bed. I'm not sure how long he stayed there but he definitely slept with M for a little bit.

When they woke up in the morning they started to play right away. I was happy that they were happy when they woke up. Honestly I couldn't drag my butt out of bed, I was so tired. After a few minutes one of them opened the door. I have NO clue how they can open their door... I have an incredibly hard time getting it open on my own and I put a door knob lock on it. Even though I had Hubs put a locking gate right outside their door (which he didn't want to, at least not that night... we did a lot that day and he was spent... but I asked nicely and he obliged) the sound of the door opening made me fly out of bed. I am just terrified that they will figure out a way to open the gate and then take a nice long tumble down the stairs. (G fell down 4 of our stairs the other day and trust me that was enough wood stairs to fall down.. he had a nice little 'stair burn' on his head).

All in all I can honestly say night 1 really wasn't that bad. It just took awhile.

DAY 1 (NAP). Well that's another story. No, actually it really wasn't bad either. I can be patient... sometimes.

Yesterday I had someone come take pictures of our house. He was suppose to come at 9:15 (perfect timing.. right after breakfast during play time... right before nap). He called at 9:15 and said he was called into a meeting and wouldn't be able to make it until 11:30. Sorry bud! 11:30 will NOT work. I knew the boys would never be able to stay up that long. They were SO tired already. He said that it was ok if he didn't take a picture of that room. I really didn't want him to come anymore but of course I said ok.

I put the boys down around 10:30. I didn't push nap. I knew that it would take a while to get them to stay in bed and fall asleep. I didn't really want to try to accomplish that. Even if the guy didn't need to take pictures of the boys room, the dog would bark when he got here. If she barked it would more than likely wake the boys (if they fell asleep) and I really didn't think that would be fair.

I went in the boys room right before the guy got here. They were playing nicely (at least it sounded like it... I couldn't see them in the monitor, I can only see their beds), however someone started crying as if brother hurt him. When I went in there WOW did a tornado go through their room.

Anyway, after the guy came and left I began the whole nap process. Every time someone got up I gave them a minute or so to see if they would go right back to their bed. If not I went in, pick him (THEM) up and put them back into bed. Put their blankie over them and walked out. That went on for a little over an hour.

They finally fell asleep.

M woke up first (they took a good solid 2 hour nap when they did fall asleep). After sitting in bed for about 5 minutes he decided he would go wake brother. He went over and climbed onto G's bed. He pet his head and then started saying up, UP. They sat there and snuggled for a little bit and then got down to play.

I went in there right away to tell them what a good job they did (sleeping in their big boy beds).
This is what I found....

This picture is from Night 1 before they went into their room. Just wanted to remind you of the before shot.

Here are the afters...

They normally can't open their dresser drawers. I guess they had no problem with it this time. Thankfully, this was only one drawer full. They pulled the fireplace away from the wall. If you look at the book shelf, there is no shelf on there anymore. not only did they pull all the books and barn off, they pulled the entire shelf off. The shade was pulled down when they started their nap they snapped it up.

The shade here on the floor is from the other window. It was completely torn down and ruined. These shades were in the windows when we bought the house 5 years ago. We live on a busy road and we couldn't afford (or at least it wasn't my #1 want) curtains so we left them in all the windows. I have put some curtains up in some rooms but left the shades behind.. for the road we live on they are awesome. Anyway when they boys were in their cribs M began to pull the shade that was at arms reach. I right away wanted a curtain for that window (knowing that would be a little safer). Hubs had bought two different curtains to use as a make shift closet door for downstairs (the door broke and we didn't want to buy a new one knowing we were trying to move). The one we decided not to use hadn't been returned yet. It was perfect for the boys room. I told him I wanted to go get two more, he advised me against it (again wanting to move and they were actually pretty pricey). I did tell him that if they were in big boy beds before we moved I was going to have to go get them. It looks like I have to ... (they broke the other pull down shade this morning after they woke up).

Anyway, night 2 of big boy beds went much better. I only had to go in twice and they were quick easy go ins. G climbed out of his bed and went into M's bed. They were there for about 30 minutes looking like they were asleep. After about 30 minutes M climbed out and opened his door. Again I bolted to the room (I know the gate is there but it still scares me). When I got up there he said Guu sleepin. I'm pretty sure G was in M's way. So we picked up G and put him in his bed. We gave M another kiss and put him back in his bed. After about 10 minutes M crawled into G's bed. Again they were together for a little bit. Both laying quietly trying to sleep. Again they started to get into each others way. Then they started to fight over Woof Woof (G's dog who he has become very attached to). So we went up one more time to separate. That was it. They fell asleep right away.

This morning they woke up earlier than normal. I wouldn't have gone in there (the earliest I go in is 8.. and it wasn't) but again someone opened the door. Before they opened the door I heard them saying pee-u stink stuck. So I assumed that they were in the middle of taking off their pjs and their diapers (which is a normal occurrence). I went in there and they were fully dressed. I told them it wasn't time to get up yet. I changed their diapers and put them back into bed. Surprisingly they stayed there for a good 10 minutes. Then they got up got a book and went back to bed for another 10 minutes or so. After that they got out and began to play. I had no problem with this. I was happy that they were happy. 10 after 8 I went in there and we began our day.

I was really hoping for nap time today to go much smoother. After all the second time we did bed time went much better. So far I'm not in luck. I hope I can stop going in there soon and they go to sleep. Honestly I need a nap too. Even though last night went much smoother I still didn't sleep. Again, at every noise I popped up to look at the monitor and make sure no one escaped. Just so scared they will break out of their room (mind you that is perfectly gated) and tumble down the stairs.

Wish us luck continuing on with this journey.

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