Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Card Photo - Attempt #2

Attempt #2 went just as frustrating as attempt #1. Sad to say... this is what I got.

Some of them wouldn't be so bad if the coloring was different or if they were in focus or if the picture wasn't so grainy...

There was a lot of wrestling a lot of bribing with cheerios a lot of rolling on the floor and then a lot of destruction.

It's funny, it's like they know I want a photo for a particular reason. They have never been this 'unrully' during a 'photo shoot'. Most of the time when I try to do 'photo shoots' of them it so I can continue to get better and learn more (of course I want documentation of their lives) but I'm never overly concerned whether a picture comes out perfectly. When I do that I always get at least a handful of good pictures. BUT this time, it's like they know I WANT A GOOD ONE and they just WON'T GIVE IT TO ME!

Moving onto new ideas....

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