Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lazy Mornings

When the boys wake up I go into their room, change their diapers and then we read or play for a little bit before going downstairs.

The biggest reason we spend so much time in their room in the morning is because I don't want to deal with the dogs. Hubs doesn't do anything with them in the morning. That's the way I want it. Well, trust me I would rather he do ALL THE DOG stuff!! I don't want dogs. Two boys and a new babe on the way are enough for me. Leave the floor space for my children. Anyway I will stop complaining about the dogs and get back to our morning. If Hubs were to let them out or feed them or do dog stuff with them it would more than likely wake up my already beginning to stir boys. I like my sleep (who doesn't). So Hubs gets ready as quietly as he can and heads on out before anyone in the house realizes that morning is right around the corner. Maybe one day I will get up with Hubs and be one of those television movie wives that makes him coffee (if he were to drink it) and breakfast, maybe even make him a tastey lunch...but until then, Hubs will continue to get ready in the stealth.

Once the boys start asking to go downstairs and play I sit in the chair that's in the corner of their room and they pile on top of me. (I can still get off the floor with both of them in my arms, but my doctor told me it would be better for me and the cooking baby to do it at least from a chair or couch if I had to do it). Once they are holding on they say, "Ready, Set, GO!" We get up and I finagle a way to get their bedroom door open with out dropping one of them or one of the precious items that they decided MUST come downstairs with them on that particular morning.

Once we get through their door, I open my bedroom door to let the dogs LOOSE. After getting downstairs I put the boys in their jail (the dining room and living room are gated off for them) and I let the dogs out. Sometimes the boys will do just fine with me outside with the dogs. Other times they cry, or try to climb on the dining room table (which is a tall table), or rip the blocker away from the tv and electronics and push buttons, etc. So lately I have been pouring half a box of Cheerios on their table to help keep them occupied.

Here are some pictures from yesterday morning of the boys eating their Cheerios. When I came back from letting the dogs out, this is what I found.

G on the left, M on the right.
This is M's new camera face. Every time I pull the camera out he goes, "CHEESE" and puts his arms in the sky. Not sure where he got that particular pose from. :)

G in the middle of chewing a mouthful of Cheerios.

Here are a few photos from this morning.

I always talk about how much the boys eat. This morning for breakfast I thought I would show you. Today I filled a Daddy size bowl with their oatmeal. I still give them baby oatmeal for breakfast. They love it! It has so many good things in it I don't see why I should stop. (For family breakfasts I will make whole wheat waffles or pancakes, or eggs, etc).

This morning we had oatmeal and blueberries. YUM! They LOVE blueberries.
M waiting to start breakfast.
G not thrilled that I am taking pictures, he had already told me numerous times, "Hungry, Eat!"

Our oatmeal and blueberries are all gone! Normally after this we have a piece of fruit or a yogurt or two. This morning G was too excited about getting down and playing with his Hess truck that he got last year for Christmas from his Grandpa (that we just took out of the attic last night..seeing as they love trucks and are big enough for them now).

M happy with a full belly.

G happy with a full belly... waiting for me to wipe his mouth so he can go back to his truck :)

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