Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Shot at Christmas Card Photos

On Friday night I decided to try one more time at taking the boys Christmas photo.  It's not what I totally wanted, but I was able to find one that would work.  

In order to get them to stay close enough to each other and not run away I decided to put them in their stuffy bucket.  

M wasn't thrilled with the idea.  G didn't seem to mind.  I think he found it funny.

However he did try to climb out once or twice. 

It didn't take long for M to buck up :)  Hubs was behind me grabbing his belly and saying HO HO HO really loud just like Santa.  The boys LOVED that!

Here's G HO HO HOing back to Daddy. 

The boys were very happy to be in the stuffy bucket together.  There were lots of squeezes and kisses. 

M - I just love this picture of him.  What an amazing smile.  

G - Is just as cute.  I can't believe what beautiful boys 

After I finally got a shot that I thought would be good enough I told they boys they were all done. 

M happily climbed out of the stuffy bucket.  

G climbed out and happily continued saying HO HO HO.  

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