Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas

A while back Hubs saw a train table on the side of the road.  He came home and told me about it.  He was going to pick it up but it was too big to fit in his car.  I told him he should go back and check it out.  He said if it was in decent condition he would grab it.  We figured if we didn't like it we could put it back on the side of the road and offer it up free the same as the old owners did.  

When he took the table out of my van I couldn't believe how big it was.  We laughed and were pretty sure we wouldn't be able to fit it anywhere in our little house.  The one place we thought it could go was where our Christmas tree was.  We figured we would put it in our already full to the brim garage until after the tree came down. 

Just yesterday I begged Hubs to take the tree out of the house.  He was shocked!  I don't allow the tree to come down until after the New Year.  I especially have never let it come down before my birthday.  This year I was begging for it to come down the day before my birthday.  I really wanted to get the train table in and all of the boys new toys put away.  I couldn't stand walking around them or on them anymore and the boys were having a really hard time playing with such a huge mess around them.  

Hubs took out the tree and brought in the train table.  It JUST fits.  The table is in perfect condition.  There were a few stickers around the outside and some crayon marks on the table top.  Nothing that a Mr. Clean Eraser sponge and a little bit of elbow grease couldn't take care of.  Actually I barely had to put elbow grease into the cleaning of this table.  That's how nice it was.  

Here's the table all clean and ready for set up.  

Here's their table all set up with some toys.
 The boys got a Chuggington train set from one of their Uncles.  The middle train set they have had for a while now.  That was their twin uncles set from when they were young.  On the left is a few Thomas pieces that they got for Christmas from their twin Uncles.  Under the train table are these two great big drawers.  The drawer on the right is housing all of the boys balls.  They each got a new package of balls from my cousin that contain a football, soccer ball, and basket ball.  With those 6 new balls the ball no longer fit in the bucket that they use to be in.  The drawer on the left is housing the boys new train set from their Grandma and Grandpa (Hubs rents).  We didn't want to open that one quite yet.  I began to, but then saw how much putting together it needed and just put the box in the drawer for the time being.  Also in that drawer are all of their cars and trucks.  I love how big those drawers are!

The table was all set up for when the boys came down from their nap.

They played nicely for a while.  Then the table was a disaster, but hey, that's what it's there for.  Sometime I have to remind myself that a kids mess is ok.  Who am I kidding... you should see the rest of the house... a kids mess... what about MY MESS haha!!

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