Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days of Fun

My house is a pig pen.  Being up past 2am for 3 days in a row, having plans for many days, and having two sick boys have made it hard to clean up from Christmas.  I'm ok with that though.  Look at these boys.  They are having a blast with their presents.  

M is the babe with the shirt on.  M had a 103.8 temp for 3 days.  So sad I know!  He finally started to feel better on Christmas Eve.  He wasn't himself for a couple more days, but definitely doing much better!  G is the shirtless baby.  He woke up the day after Christmas with a 103 fever.  Again, sad I know!  I have been letting them run around basically naked just to keep cool.

Hubs and I got the boys 'clean' (brooms) for Christmas.  They love to use mine, but they accidentally hit each other with it.  The brooms were never opened on Christmas (well Hubs did unwrap them but the boys didn't even notice them).  After we ate breakfast I asked them if they wanted to help me clean and Hubs gave them their 'cleans'.  They were so excited to use their brooms.

Last night Hubs was able to finish the wagon.  The boys were thrilled when they came downstair this morning.

Hubs took them for a circle around the house.  Through the kitchen, into the dining room, and through the living room.  There were some tight turns and a few bumps, BUT the boys loved it.

After a while they wanted a turn to pull the wagon. 1st up was M.  He pulled G around for 2 laps and loved every second of it.

Of course Daddy had to help steer through the turns.

Then it was finally G's turn to pull M around.   He pulled M around for 2 laps then we parked the wagon for another time.

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