Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

This year for Christmas we got to stay home.  Every other year we go to where Hubs is from.  I was so excited to be able to wake up Christmas morning and do our own thing.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was a lot of fun.  

This is the tree all ready to go on Christmas Eve.  I decided not to buy any wrapping paper this year.  I had about 7 rolls of mix match stuff from previous years.  I figured I would just finish them up rather than spend the money to get the same rolls or coordinating rolls like I normally do.  

Since I procrastinated so much this year none of the wrapping was done until after midnight on Christmas morning.  I came to find out that each roll only had a little bit of paper left.  Every single package that was able to be wrapped was totally ghetto.  Most of the wrapped presents had 2 or 3 different papers just in order to cover the box.  Everything else sadly went into a bag.  Bad Mommy! 

This is what the boys came down to see when they woke up.  It's so sad that you see mostly bags.  Behind the bags are some wrapped boxes.  

Hubs and I got the boys a great little wagon with our credit card points.  Hubs didn't like the idea of this wagon.  He wanted an old school Radio Flyer.  I would love one, but I felt like that was more for the boys to play with and would be better when they are older (or never)... and I wanted the wagon to be able to take the boys somewhere (like the zoo) and not have to carry them or worry about them running away.  This wagon has two seats, two seat belts, a 'hidden' food compartment, two cup holders, and a door.

I'm sure you notice the wagon is not under the tree.  The idea was to put it under the tree and put all of the boys presents in it.  Well, I'm not the only procrastinator in this house Hubs didn't begin to put the wagon together until late Christmas Eve.  He thought he was being 'good' and reading ahead while putting it together and it turns out that he used the wrong pieces for this and for that.  SO he wasn't able to finish the wagon.  I felt like it was too much of a gip to put and unfinished wagon under the tree.

Even though the wagon wasn't completely put together the boys noticed it right away and jumped in.

The boys were thrilled with the wagon.  G doesn't look so excited but he really was.  It was just that M woke him up.  Actually M went over to G's bed and said Guu up.  G had no desire to get up.  He rolled away... right off the bed.  OUCH :) So it took him a little bit to get excited.

After the thrill of the wagon the boys went into the living room.  Hubs put their new Hess trucks from their Grandpa in the middle of the floor to hopefully deter them from the pile of presents under the tree.  It worked.  They didn't even look twice at the presents they were just so excited to play with their new trucks that they got two nights ago and never got to open the boxes.

Who needs anything other than Hess trucks :)

We got new stockings this year.  Hubs and I had stockings that I purchased after we got married and I didn't really like them.  I also couldn't find anything that some what went with them.  I had wanted knit stockings but don't have the talent to knit them myself.  When we were shopping last week we came across these and loved them.  We figured they would be perfect to find coordinating ones at some point for new babes.  (We even got a 5th one for the jumping bean on the way.)

My mom and 3 brothers came to join us for present opening and breakfast.

This is what under the tree looked like after their contribution.  WOW!

The boys weren't actually interested in opening the presents.  We had already done two nights of present opening.  The first night the had a blast tearing the paper and moving on.  The next night it was late and they were tired so I just thought their lack of interest was because of that.  Christmas morning I don't think they opened more than a couple of gifts.  We basically opened for them.  BUT once they saw what the gift was they were thrilled and would bring it to one of their Uncles to open.

They got a drum set from their Uncle Jimmy.

They got a lot of Cars cars from their Grandma.  See what I mean... here is M bringing the box to get opened so he could play with the car. 

Here are all their Uncles opening different gifts the boys have received.

The boys love the drum set.

Behind them you can see that they weren't necessarily interested in their other gifts at this moment, but they were thrilled with all they got.  We are still opening and setting up gifts that they got.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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